Gaspard, make your wheelchair simply clever.

Gaspard in action:

Gaspard detects a bad position of the user on his wheelchair
The information is send by Bluetooth to his phone
The app helps the user to solve the problem
When the user is well positioned again, he can return to regular activities


Gaspard uses the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology to communicate with a wide range of smartphones. Efficient, fast and stable, Gaspard operates in autonomy for a whole week, thanks to its technology.
Inside the mat, the sensors allow Gaspard to track position of its user in real time. This technology is suitable for different kind of conditions.

An app

Push up counter

Gaspard encourage its user to make daily push up mouvements. The app motivates the user thanks to a target and reward system.

Time spent on the wheelchair

The mat watches the time spent on the wheelchair and the activity periods throughout the day.

Detection of bad positioning

Gaspard watches the position of its user. If a problem occurs, Gaspard notifies the user and helps him to better position himself in his wheelchair.

History and statistics

All the data is saved and analysed. Gaspard can create a history and statistics to improve monitoring.


Gaspard will notify its user when something goes wrong like a lack of activity, a bad position or an unreached target.

Easy to install

When Gaspard is placed under the cushion of the wheelchair, the user just needs to open the application on a smartphone.

Technical characteristics

  • Kind of product: connected mat
  • Pattern: Gaspard V1
  • Seize of wheelchairs : 40 cm*40 cm to 50 cm*50 cm
  • Color : black
  • Use range : 20kg to 150kg
  • Alimentation : rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life : 5 / 7 days
  • Connection : Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Compatibility : iOS 8.0 (minimum) Android 5.0 (minimum)
  • Certifications : CE and FCC
  • Warranty : 1 year

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