Hello, I’m Gaspard

The connected mat for
wheelchair user’s


I’m the mat installed
on your wheelchair…


...but also a smart
mobile application

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I was designed to help you:

Hello, I am Gaspard! I was born from the observation and the personal experience of one of my founders. Smart and discreet, I support people with reduced mobility, in particular upon their return home, after a period in hospital. I am your personal assistant, my mission is to support you, day after day, to make everyday life easier. I spend my time next to you, to give you the motivation to move, to ensure you are well positioned in your seat and to support you daily. I am a simple and reassuring solution, I alert you if a problem occurs and go unnoticed the rest of the time.

I’m a connected mat…

I am perfectly invisible once installed in the wheelchair. A simple way to watch your body position day after day. Very easy to install I make your wheelchair simply clever in a single gesture. Now, I am an integral part there!


I take place on the seat of the wheelchair, under the pressure sore cushion. I am available in different sizes and suitable for many kind of wheelchairs.


Inside, I am composed of many pressure sensors and high quality electronic components. I use a Bluetooth 4.0 connexion to communicate with a wide  range of smartphones.


When I am positioned on the wheelchair, I am invisible. I stay every day with you in your wheelchair, everywhere you go, as my battery runs for a whole week.
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…but also a mobile application

My intelligence is in my app and all its functions. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Because the user is the most important for me, I’ll give you the better interaction possible. I will motivate you everyday, encourage you and congratulate you for your activity. I will also monitor you closely and help you when necessary. Now, you and me, will be a real team.

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Push up counter

Activity tracking

Detection of bad positioning

History and statistics

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